The Web Is Making Face To Face Insurance Sales Obsolete !

Nationwide Online Insurance Sales Helping Agents Embrace Epic Change

You Don't Have To Remain Trapped Within That Old Insurance Business Model.

Modern Consumers Prefer Buying Insurance Online to Buying Face To Face.

Online Nationwide Insurance business Opportunity.   Insurance Sales are rapidly moving Online, Modern Consumers prefer buying insurance Online to being sold Face to Face Don't Ignore Change.  Change is Here Now!

Insurance Sales are Rapidly Moving Online.


Over 40% of Insurance Sales are Already Being Made on the Web.

Google Predicts that buying trend will grow to 75% of Insurance sales online by 2020 !  

  Conversely then, it should be said that the number of insurance sales being made Face to Face is expected to decline to 25% in less than two years! 

At the same time, Living Benefit Riders on Level Term Life Policies and Indexed Universal Life policies have turned life Insurance into "Life Insurance You Don't Have to Die to Use" 

149,000,000 Life Insurance Policies previously inforce have now become obsolete 

and are in need of updating !

Where are you now, and where will you be two years from now?  

 Still Stuck In Traffic, or Making More Money Than Ever Before?  

Who Said Life Insurance Plans are Better Than a 401K? Time, CBS Frontline Report and 60 minutes?